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Assessment Committee

The purpose of the committee is to formulate, implement, evaluate, and/or recommend policies and procedures pertaining to program and activity assessment.

Officers -  2018-2019



Recording Secretary:  Stefanie Knott


One appointed or elected voting faculty representative from each department

Advanced Practice Nursing - Felicia Stewart

Applied Health Sciences – Olabode Ayodele​

Applied Medicine and Rehabilitation - Tiffany Idlewine

Baccalaureate Nursing - Linda McQuiston

Baccalaureate Nursing Completion -  Andreas Kummerow

Kinesiology, Recreation, and Sport - Jolynn Kuhlman

Social Work  - Jennifer Todd

Ex-officio Members

Dean -  Caroline Mallory

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs - Yasenka Peterson

Associate Dean for Student and Community Relations -  Peggy Weber

Executive Director of Nursing - Lea Hall

Department Chairperson - Advanced Practice Nursing -  Erik Southard

Department Chairperson - Applied Health Sciences - Yasenka Peterson

Department Chairperson - Applied Medicine and Rehabilitation - John Pommier

Department Chairperson - Baccalaureate Nursing - Marcee Everly

Department Chairperson - Baccalaureate Nursing Completion - Jessica Nelson

Department Chairperson - Kinesiology, Recreation, and Sport - Thomas Nesser

Department Chairperson - Social Work - Lea Hall

Program Assessment Coordinators -

Advanced Practice Nursing

  • Education and Administration: Jill Moore
  • FNP: Deb Vincent
  • DNP: Erik Southard

Applied Health Sciences

  • HDFS:  Anthony Walker
  • Health Sciences:  
  • Health Sciences: Matt Hutchins (graduate)
  • Food and Nutrition:  Wan-Ju (Jennifer) Yen
  • BAS: Maureen Johnson
  • Gerontology: 

Applied Medicine and Rehabilitation

  • Undergraduate AMR: Tiffany Idlewine
  • Undergraduate Athletic Training:  
  • Graduate Athletic Training: Lindsey Eberman
  • Occupational Therapy: Paula Jarrard
  • Physician Assistant:  
  • Physical Therapy: Howell Tapley

Baccalaureate Nursing

  • Traditional Track: Linda Walters
  • 2nd Degree: Renee Bauer

Baccalaureate Nursing Completion

  • LPN to BSN: Esther Acree
  • RN to BSN: Andre Kummerow

Kinesiology, Recreation, and Sport

  • PE Teaching – Molly Hare
  • PE Exercise Science – Undergraduate - Tom Nesser
  • PE Exercise Science - Graduate – Al Finch
  • RSCM – Undergraduate –  
  • Sport Management – Undergraduate – Kim Bodey
  • Sport Management Graduate – Ethan Strigas
  • PE Coaching Graduate – Jolynn Kuhlman
  • PE Activity Program – Kathy Ginter

Social Work:

  • BSW Program: Robyn Lugar
  • MSW Program: Jennifer Todd

Fellow(s) -